I'm Maggie. I'm 24 and from Canada. I watch too much television and I am an amazing procrastinator.

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nine days of brooklyn nine-nine day 3: favorite male character: Terry Jeffords
"He’s so strong but so gentle. He’s like an enormous, muscular Ellen DeGeneres."

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Rita Ora for Teen Vogue

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Today timpdriver is at a conference for online video.

He’s talked to several producers and other interested people in online videos and every single person he has spoken to has expressed so much enthusiasm for this documentary.

The most common comment is about how exciting and incredible this documentary sounds.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the YouTube channel please do so! We are excited, we know a lot of you are excited and now we’re finding out people outside of the fandom are really excited too.

Get it happening:


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Harry Styles and the art of subtlety (part 1)

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Happy birthday succubitches 🎉😻💗

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Seventeen Mag’s Hot Guys Issue +

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